Mar 11, 2011

i don't care!

The girlfriends you have, that you say are just friends
Don't think of me the same, I won't let it ride
Do whatever you want, I want to throw away
I did really love you at some point
I don't care I want to stop whatever you're doing anywhere
I don't want to have interest anymore just move
Don't cry and hang on to me
Cause I don't care
My friends who always say it's not you
You tried to persuade all your wolf like friends
For you, I'm too good, I want to let go with an easy heart
I believed you were my love oh oh
I remember the night I cried because of you boy
My heart has gone easy thinking of you who will regret boy
Losing me is a waste but having me is so dull
You should have done better when I was there why are you hanging on
More than a hundred times I've been fooled with your lies
After today I'm a girl who makes guys cry bad girl
Now I smirk at you without one tear
Inside this lovegame loser
If you kneel, you can catch me
If not, get out of my sight

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