Mar 11, 2011

i don't care!

The girlfriends you have, that you say are just friends
Don't think of me the same, I won't let it ride
Do whatever you want, I want to throw away
I did really love you at some point
I don't care I want to stop whatever you're doing anywhere
I don't want to have interest anymore just move
Don't cry and hang on to me
Cause I don't care
My friends who always say it's not you
You tried to persuade all your wolf like friends
For you, I'm too good, I want to let go with an easy heart
I believed you were my love oh oh
I remember the night I cried because of you boy
My heart has gone easy thinking of you who will regret boy
Losing me is a waste but having me is so dull
You should have done better when I was there why are you hanging on
More than a hundred times I've been fooled with your lies
After today I'm a girl who makes guys cry bad girl
Now I smirk at you without one tear
Inside this lovegame loser
If you kneel, you can catch me
If not, get out of my sight

who am I to you?

psal facebook ak knl mk dye
psal facebook ak knl adek dye
psal facebook ak knal abg dye
psal facebook ak taw dye ade 2 personaliti yg b'beza
knape yer?
spe ak pd dye
don't know how to say
i can't put it into words
prasaan tu sakit sgt
dlu ak benci cuti
skrang ak hepi ble cuti panjang
x pyah ak mengadap MKE TALAM ko tu!
ko taw x ko tu upa

Mar 4, 2011


one words yg ckp bahgia sgt ble dgr
men pon idak nk kecewa pe
jd cheers leader kpd reserve hoki je keje ak
melalak sana sini
tp bkn ley menang pon
ye r kasut bola x de , stokin x de
tp wat pe klo ade pon
bkn nye ley masuk padang pon
ye r bkn nye terer sgt mcm org tu
rmai yg x puas ati
tp diam je
tp ko ingat ak ni patung cendana ke
nk diam jer
kang ak sawan babi sbb geram kat korng
spe nk tangung
kesian tengok K.S
masuk padang x smpai 5 minit pon
tp ag kesian kt ak
1 saat pon x smpai
jd kuli je kt sna
kne kutip botol yg korng minum
dh r pkai cmpk je
ak bkn
nk pegi order r